So remember how Dean found Cas near the river and when Dean found him an it took Cas a few seconds to respond. It was really heartbreaking because he looks like she is unsure if he is hearing voices or that is actually Dean calling him. Also his expression killed me. It was a mix of surprise, love, confusion, and hatred to himself because he loves Dean, he is so happy to see him, but DeN shouldn’t be there because it is too dangerous and he feels conflicted with himself about what to do or say. My poor baby, Castiel.

What if Dean used the pick up line “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” On Cas. Cas would probably tilt his head to the side like a confused puppy and say. “Not really physically, but a lot mentally. Why do you ask?”

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade didn’t even try at all.

Jared Padalecki probably gets his wife the straighten his hair for him because I have the same hair as him and when I wake up, it is a puffy mess so he must straighten it to get his hair like that!

I’m surprised Dean didn’t already put a tracking device in Sam. I mean, he leaves and gets lost all the time! At least inject him with a tracking chip so when you loose him or he runs away, you can find him faster!

You can never go to the Disney store when you’re a teenager without people thinking you’re a crackhead or crazy.

I wonder what it would be like if Cas got the hiccups. “Dean, I think I’m dying from diaphragm tumors.” Lol

How do Sam and Dean get away with killing the people that are monsters or people that are possessed? What do hey even do with the bodies?! And how do they cover up their tracks?!

What if salt is actually ghost poop? That would explain why it repels ghost because they don’t want to go near their own poo and the same with demons because they know everything.

I think this season they should do Cas flashbacks of purgatory and of him young and learning how to be an angel and being a warrior of God. Also, growing up in the garrison.

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